Namibia Block PEL94 (2011A)

Global Petroleum are seeking a partner to acquire a 3D survey ahead of drilling a wildcat well. Many of the plays here are shallow water carbonates, however there are few  discoveries in this northern area of offshore Namibia.

Welwitshia-1A well was drilled on the block and proved seal effectiveness but didn’t penetrate deeper play.


Asset Name : Namibia Block PEL94 (2011A)
Ref : AF-NAM-PEL94
Continent : Africa
Country : Namibia
Location : Offshore
Project Phase : Exploration
Latitude : -20.28
Longitude : 11.55
License Start : 2018
Operator : Global Petroleum Namibia Ltd
Other partners : Namcor 17%, Aloe Investments 5%
Farmout company : Global Petroleum Namibia Ltd
Mandated Agent : PVE Consulting
Work Programmes : Drilling
Back Costs : Unknown
Equity Offered : Unknown
Deal Status : Open
FarmoutAngel Valuation : $1,000,000 - $5,000,000
FarmoutAngel confidence : Low
Consideration Sought : $10,000,000

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