Iraqi Kurdistan Taq Taq License

Genel Energy are seeking investment to support the development of the Taq Taq field in central Kurdistan where production is currently paused.

The Taq Taq licence area is located 60 km northeast of the Kirkuk oil field and the adjacent city of Kirkuk, 85 km southeast of the city of Erbil and 120 km northwest of the city of Sulaimaniah. The gross area of the Taq Taq licence area is approximately 951 square km.

The Taq Taq field, which is a 4 way dip closing anticline, has been producing since 2008, and the field has now produced over 225 MMbbls of oil.

Gross production at Taq Taq averaged 5,940 bopd in 2021, following the ongoing suspension of drilling activity. Activity continues to be focused on optimising cash flow, and drilling may resume in Q4 2022.


Asset Name : Iraqi Kurdistan Taq Taq License
Continent : Middle East
Country : Iraqi Kurdistan
Location : Onshore
Project Phase : Production
Latitude : 36.249458569392594
Longitude : 44.15736152735821
Operator : Genel Energy
Farmout company : Genel Energy
Mandated Agent : none
Work Programmes : Development
Back Costs : Unknown
Equity Offered : 0 - 20%
Deal Status : Open
FarmoutAngel Valuation : $50,000,000 - $100,000,000
FarmoutAngel confidence : Low
Consideration Sought : $10,000,000

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