Equatorial Guinea Block EG-18

Africa Oil Corp are seeking a partner to drill a deepwater fan in EG-18. The block is covered by 3D seismic data and the sand fan prospect has been mapped.

Block EG-18 is in the distal Douala Basin, where the main source potential lies in the Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene sections. Using seismic amplitudes, different plays have been mapped and, particularly in block EG-18, Miocene channel-fan systems and Upper Cretaceous-Paleogene fan systems with structural closures were identified. Stacked turbidite systems are clear on seismic along with sand-prone overbanks and sand filled erosive channels going across. Galileo lead (Cretaceous-Paleogene) have been recognized covering an area larger than 200 km2. No wells have been drilled in EG-18 to date, and 2D seismic lines are also available for further interpretation along with few regional lines that cross the block.


Asset Name : Equatorial Guinea Block EG-18
Ref : AF-EG-EG18
Continent : Africa
Country : Equatorial Guinea
Location : Offshore
Project Phase : Exploration
Latitude : 2.112
Longitude : 8.731
License Start : 2022
License Expiry : 2026
Operator : Africa Oil Corp
Farmout company : Africa Oil Corp
Mandated Agent : none
Work Programmes : Drilling
Equity Offered : 20 - 40%
Deal Status : Open
FarmoutAngel Valuation : $10,000,000 - $25,000,000
FarmoutAngel confidence : Medium
Consideration Sought : $7,000,000

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